What is Macrobiotics?

Macrobiotics means “big life” (from the Greek makro, meaning large or long, and bio, meaning life). This blog is about my experiences and my journey, experimenting and exploring with the macrobiotic approach to health and well-being. I am still developing my understanding and knowledge of macrobiotics, and welcome any feedback, recipes, tips. If you want to know more right now then just Google it. I will put up websites I find useful along the way.

The way I understand it is that every type of food has an energy (Yin and Yang). And so what we eat can affect the energy and function of our bodies. If you look at your body as a machine, or just as a bunch of cells reacting, rather than as part of you, it is easier to understand.

What I like most about macrobiotics, is that it is not a diet. You can eat what you like, when you like, but you are just more aware of what it means, what it is doing to your body, and how certain foods make you feel. I have never had a sweet tooth and on the occasions when I do have sugary food, I feel completely out of sorts. You have that rush and then the crash. Macrobiotics is about taking away those highs and lows and living in the central balanced area. You can go out and drink Champagne and eat chocolate muffins but just bring yourself back to the centre.

So what is the centre and the balance? Macrobiotic foods tend to be fresh, locally grown produce, wherever possible. Someone following a macrobiotic approach in the Caribbean will eat differently from someone following it in the UK. e.g. Coconuts don’t grow in the UK so why eat them there? Look around you, eat local – it taste much better anyway. However, a lot of the ingredients, such as sauces, seaweed and dressings, used in the recipes have Japanese origin (the movement is said to be founded by Japanese George Ohsawa).

Macrobiotic followers avoid processed food, refined sugar, dairy products, meat, caffeine and alcohol but there are different levels of practice. Some eat meat once a week or just eat fish. It all depends on what you want to do, and learning about what each food type does to your body will inform your choices. I eat meat – love meat – but I have never thought about it, how the animals have lived, died, what it does to my insides, whether alternatives can give me the same nutrition. Maybe as I learn more I will change this in my diet. I’ll keep you posted.

The macrobiotic approach is also used for healing and has been linked to helping people overcome diseases, such as cancer. I want to know more about this. If changing what we eat can change our future health, then that’s pretty big.

Here’s to living the Big Life!

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